If your company has millions of dollars in inventory, then you can probably improve your profitability with Demand Works. Our solutions have extensive capabilities for optimizing stocking levels and efficiently replenishing inventories.

Inventory Optimization

There is a theoretical tradeoff between inventory cost and service. The key goal of inventory optimization is to choose the level of service that you are willing to invest for each item and location. Smoothie® has extensive capabilities for segmenting inventories by forecastability, ABC, source of supply, etc., and then “what-iffing” various policy assumptions. You can perform simulations based on real demand and supply data to choose which service levels are best for your products.

Smoothie has advanced methods for calculating safety stocks, using lead times, service levels, and a variety of different measures of variability. Unlike other solutions that only consider “within sample” statistics like Standard Deviation or Root Mean Squared Error, Smoothie performs out of sample testing, optionally determining safety stocks according to actual historic forecast errors (and not just theoretical ones).

Not only will Smoothie help you to establish optimal replenishment policies, but our advanced forecasting and collaboration capabilities will shift the whole curve favorably, enabling simultaneous improvements in cost and service.

Replenishment Planning & Execution

It’s important to balance and optimize safety stock and strategic inventory investments, but you also need to execute efficiently and in a way that aligns with your plans. Smoothie plans inventories through multi-tiered distribution channels, with formulations or bills of material, and it complies with ordering constraints such as minimum order quantities, vehicle loading and lot sizes. It identifies exceptions such as shortages and excess inventories, suggests transfers, and communicates order quantities directly to your ERP system.

The Right-Sized Solution

Demand Works offers solutions for the desktop, server, and the cloud. Functionally, they include forecasting, collaborative demand planning, inventory planning and optimization, finite capacity planning and S&OP.

We’re best known for our world class server and cloud-based offerings, Smoothie® Server and Cloud Smoothie®. These products are 100 percent browser-based, extremely scalable, and offer the most complete functionality and deployability. But, you don’t have to start big. You can start right away with the Smoothie® Desktop using spreadsheet or other readily available data sources.

World Class Technology

All Demand Works server solutions are 100 percent browser-based, making them the most deployable solutions of their kind. The user interface is highly interactive and graphical, yet it performs well over challenging, long-distance networks. It is also extremely scalable, easily supporting scenarios with hundreds of thousands of item-location combinations.

The affordable desktop version has much of the same functionality as the server solutions, plus it installs easily and can be up and running with spreadsheet data in a matter of minutes.