How to Try and Buy Smoothie

The Demand Works Smooth Progression™ was engineered to eliminate risk and to provide companies with timely quality information throughout the evaluation and implementation phases. Our tools and approach make it easy to start small and then expand the scope of your process without having to change technologies or data integrations.

Four Easy Steps

  1. Browse the website. If you are sure that you’d like to buy the Smoothie® Desktop, then you can proceed directly to the Smoothie Shop to securely purchase and download your software now.
  2. If you’re not ready to buy the desktop version right away, or if you want to begin with one of the enterprise solutions like Smoothie Server or Cloud Smoothie, then complete the contact form. You will then be given the opportunity to download brochures and other literature and we’ll contact you as requested by email or telephone.
  3. We’ll answer your questions and arrange the demo – with your data if desired. Just let us know this is what you’d like to do when we make the appointment. If you choose to use your data, we will enter into a non-disclosure agreement with you.
  4. At the conclusion of the demo, you may either purchase a desktop solution with a purchase order or credit card, or sign an agreement for Cloud Smoothie or Smoothie Server. If you purchase the Desktop and decide to upgrade to a server solution later, then any previously paid license fees will be credited toward the upgrade. Pricing information is available here.

It’s that simple! With Demand Works, you will never have to take a big or risky step in order to improve your supply and demand chain processes. We think that’s pretty smooth.