Demand Planning for The Desktop

Smoothie® Plus is a powerful and complete demand planning solution for your desktop. It combines Pivot Forecasting® and data-based demand management with advanced demand planning functionality like support for promotions, variable price/cost conversions, alternative units of measure and optional macro-enabled spreadsheet collaboration.

demand_planning_stackedsmoothie1Smoothie Plus is rich in functionality, yet it is surprisingly easy to use. Many companies are able to begin using it immediately and limited amounts of training.


  • Pivot Forecasting® for easy review and adjustments at any level of aggregation and real-time synchronization to other levels and dimensions.
  • “Expert” statistical forecast model and parameter optimization.
  • Advanced seasonality modeling including the determination, capture, storage, maintenance and re-use of seasonal indexes.
  • Smoothie’s Pivot Maps® are an invaluable tool for visualizing forecast performance, current sales-to-date, backlogs, or changes to consensus plans.
  • Visual adjustments to level, trend, or trend dampening.
  • Lock or unlock forecasts at any level of aggregation and for any group of periods. Aggregate changes are automatically allocated among unlocked items.
  • Exceptions for identifying items with outliers, new products or recent changes in demand.
  • Adjust and analyze plans using conversions like price, cost, margin, or alternative units of measure. Adjust prices and costs to integrate demand plans with financial planning processes.
  • Excellent performance, sales and portfolio analysis with the Pivot Maps®.
  • Optional lightweight forecast collaboration using Excel and email.

If you plan to implement a solution for your whole team, but you want to start small, Smoothie Plus is the perfect solution. It’s great for prototyping and models and integrations that are created for Smoothie Plus can easily be migrated to Cloud Smoothie or Smoothie Mambo.

Demand and Inventory Planning for the Desktop

Smoothie® SP is a complete demand and supply planning solution for the desktop. It combines the advanced forecasting and demand planning capabilities of Smoothie Plus with high-powered multi-tiered supply planning, safety stock and inventory optimization.

There is no better desktop tool for inventory optimization. You can use it to classify and stratify your products by volume, cost, forecastability and other dimensions. Then, simulate with alternative service levels and lead times to see the effect on projected production and inventories, in units and cost.


Once the supply policies are optimized, Smoothie SP will identify the items needing attention, help you experiment with changing forecasts, supply policies and order quantities, then produce full time-phased production and/or procurement plans. Plans can be based on information within your company’s internal supply network, or Smoothie can be used for vendor managed inventory (VMI) programs.

Smoothie SP highlights key supply exceptions like inventories outside of min-max tolerances, items that need to be ordered now, past-due receipts, late shipments and others. You can also drill down to see order-level detail for open purchase orders, in-transit inventories, and demand orders. You can also see detailed information about inventories like hold quantities, second quality stock and other lot-level classifications.

Smoothie SP’s advanced multilevel MRP, DRP, and kitting capabilities support distribution and production planning for complex supply chains. It easily and intuitively supports distribution channels with multiple tiers and manufacturing planning scenarios where demand for one product creates demand for others. Items and locations are linked with precise time offsets and quantity factors, so it will accurately account for long lead times between points in your supply chain and bill-of-material or formulation-type manufacturing relationships.

If you plan to implement a solution for your whole team, but you want to start small, Smoothie SP is the perfect solution. It’s great for prototyping. Integrations and models that are created for Smoothie SP can be used for Cloud Smoothie or Smoothie Mambo.

Click on this link for a detailed Feature Matrix (pdf).

You can purchase any of the Smoothie Desktop versions now with a credit card at the Smoothie Shop, or complete the contact form for more information.