demand_planning_stackedsmoothie1It’s rich in functionality, yet it is surprisingly easy to use. Many companies are able to begin using it immediately and limited amounts of training.

Demand Planning Features

  • Pivot Forecasting® for easy review and adjustments at any level of aggregation and real-time synchronization to other levels and dimensions.
  • Advanced statistical forecasting, including a world class “export” model and parameter optimization. Statistical models include optimized exponential smoothing, ARIMA, Croston’s Intermittent, and others.
  • Advanced seasonality handling including the determination, capture, storage, maintenance and re-use of seasonal indexes.
  • Pivot Maps® for easy visualization of forecast performance, current sales-to-date, backlogs, and changes to consensus plans.
  • Visual forecast adjustments to level, trend and dampening.
  • Lock or unlock forecasts at any level of aggregation and for any group of periods. Aggregate changes are automatically allocated among unlocked items.
  • Exceptions for identifying items with outliers, new products or recent changes in demand.
  • Review, adjust, and synchronize plans in units, currencies, or alternative units of measure.

Inventory Planning & Optimization

Smoothie Desktop also includes high-powered multi-tiered supply planning, safety stock and inventory optimization. There is no better desktop tool for inventory optimization, safety stock and S&OP simulations. You can use it to classify and stratify your products by volume, cost, forecastability and other dimensions. Then, simulate with alternative service levels and lead times to see the effect on projected production and inventories, in units and cost.


Supply Planning Features

  • Highly flexible product/inventory classifications.
  • Set supply policies uniquely for items or item-locations, or simulate policy changes for any group of items.
  • World class safety stock calculation methods, utilizing lead times, desired service levels, and unexplained variability. For forecast error estimation, it considers actual forecast deviations in addition to within-sample statistics.
  • Multi-tiered DRP simulations.
  • Multi-level bills of material.
  • Automatic highlighting of exceptions like items that need to be ordered, overstocks or shortage situations.

Path to Excellence

Many companies will be satisfied with the Smoothie Desktop solution, but a key advantage is that you can easily migrate to the Smoothie Server or Cloud Smoothie, enabling a low risk and inexpensive ramp-up to world class sales and operations planning. Not only can the planning models themselves be easily migrated, but even integrations created with the desktop version can be used for the server versions as well. We call it our Smooth Progression™.

Click on this link for a detailed Feature Matrix (pdf).

You can purchase the Smoothie Desktop with a credit card at the Smoothie Shop, or complete the contact form for more information.