rubickscube Demand Works offers cloud, server, and desktop solutions for forecasting, collaborative demand and supply planning, inventory optimization, capacity planning and S&OP. Our solutions center around proprietary analytic technologies like Pivot Forecasting® and Pivot Planning® that enable unrivaled flexibility, performance, and visibility.


An affordable desktop solution for forecasting, demand and inventory planning. Smoothie is available in three editions including the Learning Edition for getting started, Smoothie Plus for forecasting and demand planning, and Smoothie SP which adds safety stock optimization and multi-tiered inventory management capabilities. You can begin by importing existing data from spreadsheets, or you can integrate with corporate data sources where more scale is needed.

Smoothie® Mambo

Smoothie Mambo is a browser-based enterprise solution. It is offered for forecasting and demand planning and demand planning only, or as a complete solution with inventory planning and optimization, capacity planning and S&OP. As a server-based solution, it enables fully automated integration and real-time, secure, multiuser access. Various user types are available including affordable collaborator and read-only licenses. If you prefer to start small, then you can easily migrate to Smoothie Mambo or Cloud Smoothie from one of the desktop versions.

Cloud Smoothie®

Cloud Smoothie is the shortest path to collaborative team planning, offering all of the benefits of Smoothie Mambo but without the hassle and costs of setting up and administering your own server infrastructure. It is a monthly software and services subscription and you can access it securely from any leading internet browser.

Demand Works S&OP Dashboard

The  is an add-on solution for Smoothie Mambo, featuring storage and comparison of numerous plan scenarios in a browser-based analytical platform. The dashboard enables enhanced performance evaluation as well as dissemination of key plan information to a broad group of individuals within our outside the company.


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