Demand Works solutions are available in desktop, server or cloud-based configurations to satisfy a range of demand and supply planning needs. See the Products and Solutions sections for more information about the various Smoothie solutions, or contact Demand Works for specific configuration advice.

Server & Cloud Solutions

Various user types are available with server configurations including read-only users, collaborators, and demand or supply power users. Collaborator users can review, annotate and adjust forecasts but they can’t change statistical forecast settings, manage imports or perform other power user functions. Collaborators can interact with plans via the browser-based Smoothie Mambo application, or by using specialized, macro-enabled forecast spreadsheets. Read-Only users can review any Smoothie Mambo plans plans but they can’t modify them in any way.

Below are some sample configurations for team-based demand, or supply and demand planning. The pricing examples below include multi-user bracket discounts. Consulting, integration and training charges are extra. Contact Demand Works for a written estimate based on your specific needs.


Smoothie® Mambo

Cloud Smoothie®

Small Demand Planning Team* (Smoothie Mambo Server, 1 Demand Planner, 10 Collaborator Users, integration connector) $27,300 $1,653**
Five Buyer-Planners with Read-Only Users* (Smoothie Mambo Server, 5 Supply Planners, 5 Read-Only Users, integration connector) $36,000 $2,029**
* All users are named users. Required first-year annual maintenance is 20% of net license cost per year. Maintenance is included in above prices. All prices are subject to change without notice.
** Cloud Smoothie prices reflect minimum hardware configuration.

Add-On Modules

The following additional modules are available for Smoothie Mambo and Cloud Smoothie:

  • Finite Capacity Planning
  • OLAP Plan Archiving
  • Demand Works S&OP Dashboard
  • Integration Connectors


Smoothie® Desktop

  Base Price*
Price With Required 1-Yr Maintenance*
Smoothie Learning Edition $1,000 N/A**
Smoothie Plus $4,000 $4,800
Smoothie SP $5,000 $6,000
Spreadsheet Collaboration Add-On (for standalone users only. Individual collaborator user licenses are available for Smoothie Mambo.) $5,000 $6,000
* All users are named users. All prices are subject to change without notice.
** Maintenance is not available for Smoothie Learning Edition. Limit one per company.

Desktop licenses can be exchanged for upgrades to Smoothie Mambo, and Smoothie LE can be exchanged for upgrades to any other desktop or server product.

More Info

Contact Demand Works for complete pricing information for server solutions and add-on modules.