Demand Works solutions are available in desktop, server or cloud-based configurations to satisfy a range of demand and supply planning needs. See the Products and Solutions sections for more information about the various Smoothie solutions, or contact Demand Works for a demo or configuration advice.

Server & Cloud Solutions

Pricing for Smoothie server versions, including Cloud Smoothie, are determined according to the modules that are purchased, as well as the users, by type. Cloud Smoothie prices also vary slightly depending on the expected server loading.

The following configuration options are available for Smoothie Server and Cloud Smoothie:

  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Finite Capacity Planning
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Integration Connectors

Users are non-concurrent and they can be power users, collaborators (light sales users who can review and adjust forecasts), or read-only. There are various pricing brackets depending on the number of users that are required. We will gladly provide pricing for your specific configuration. Complete the contact form to speak with our sales staff.

Smoothie® Desktop

The Smoothie Desktop costs $5,000, plus $1,000 in prepaid annual maintenance. You can purchase it immediately at the Smoothie Shop, or contact Demand Works to purchase with a purchase order. Desktop licenses can be exchanged for upgrades to Smoothie Server or Cloud Smoothie.

*The Smoothie Desktop is for a single user and can not be accessed remotely or installed on a virtual machine.

More Info

Contact Demand Works for complete pricing information.