Demand Works offers a range of solutions for collaborative forecasting for the desktop, server, and the cloud. Collaborative user interfaces include both online and offline options.

Real-Time Collaboration with Smoothie Mambo or Cloud Smoothie

smoothiemambo2collaborationSmoothie Mambo and Cloud Smoothie offer a rich yet secure and easy to understand web user interface for sales people. They can access plans simply and securely with their web browser. Collaborator user licenses are moderately priced, but they can still interact with plans at flexible levels of aggregation, in alternative currencies or units of measure. If needed, collaborators can also access related information like budgets, point of sale data, period-to-date sales and open orders.

Automated Collaboration Using Excel and Email

For offline review, we also offer a macro-enabled spreadsheet user interface for collaborators. Excel and email are widely used within corporations and many companies already utilize Excel for collaboration. Since most sales users are already familiar with Excel, little or no training is needed.


Collaborators can use either user interface with the Demand Works server solutions: The browser for more functionality and real-time access to data; or the collaborative spreadsheets for simple single-level plans. The Smoothie servers automate the distribution and consolidation of collaborator forecasts and notes whether they’re gathered via the web browser or the special Excel spreadsheets.

Collaboration for Desktop Users

Desktop users can purchase an optional module that enables manual importing and exporting of the same macro-enabled collaborative Excel spreadsheets that are available with the server editions. With the add-on, licensed desktop users can export spreadsheets, email them to collaborators, and then import the sales team’s forecasts and notes into their desktop Smoothie models.